Researchers have developed a substance containing pure nicotinamide riboside, the only substance proven in multiple studies to increase levels of NAD+ in your body. It has been shown in laboratory studies to replenish the compound, (NAD+), which naturally gets depleted as you age. The benefits have been reported to; improve energy; increase muscle strength; induce clear thinking and memory; build a stronger, healthier immune system; weight loss and a good night’s sleep (read); aches and pains alleviated; normal eyesight restored and many other benefits.

Some researchers involved with the discovery of NAD+ are all notable doctors. connected to the most prestigious universities like Dr. David Sinclair, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, Dr. David Agus, Professor of Medicine and Engineering at University of Southern California, and Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Roger Kornberg, professor of Structural Biology at Stanford University.

In 2013, biologists made a groundbreaking discovery that has changed the way we view aging. They found that our cells age because of a breakdown in communication between the nucleus of the cell and the mitochondria.

Mitochondria are called “powerhouses” of cells, and are unusual organelles. An organelle is a specialized subunit within a cell that performs a specific function and are to cells what an organ is to the body. The mitochondria are surrounded by a double membrane and retain their own small genome. They also divide independently of the cell cycle. Mitochondrial division is stimulated by energy demand so cells with an increased need for energy contain greater numbers of these organelles than cells with lower energy needs.

What is amazing is that these researchers also discovered one specific substance in our bodies – a compound known as Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, or NAD+ for short – can improve the communication that stops or even reverses the causes of cellular aging. NAD+ has been linked with a number of powerful biological processes and is found in every living mammal:

The effects of these processes reverse aging by making your cells act younger.

1. They promote Sirtuin Gene Activation (using SIRT1 and SIRT3 ) which function as anti-aging genes. The Sirtuin family of proteins has been shown to extend lifespan in mammals.

2. They stimulate the growth and effectiveness of Mitochondria that boosts physical and mental energy throughout the body.

3. Metabolism is optimized.

4. They reverse the effects of aging on the Brain and enhance cognitive health.

5. They promote Insulin sensitivity and encourage healthy blood sugar levels

6. They repair DNA

So, the Fountain of Youth may have been discovered! The addition of NAD+, which naturally gets depleted as you age, into your diet may bring new vitality to your body as your lifespan increases along with physical and mental energy, a better metabolism, normal blood sugar levels and DNA repair…

I know many people will scoff at this report and say it isn’t possible but 100 years ago they said we could never go to the moon, it was impossible. Modern technology proved them wrong. Scientists are working “around the clock” to improve our lives in every way. Why not give us a longer lifespan with healthy bodies?


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