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The Basics on E-Liquid When someone mentions the term e-liquid, what does it mean exactly? When someone refers to e-liquid, they are referring to the liquid inside the cartridge of the vape. There are 3 main ingredients that are used in e-liquids. Nicotine, an agent to make the vapor, and the flavor of the e-liquid. Aside from the nicotine, all of the ingredients would be food safe as well. When it comes to e-liquids, most of them use vapor creating agents composed of either one of two ingredients. PG, also known as Propylene Glycol is the most common vape activating agent used in e-liquid. For those who are sensitive to or allergic to PG, Vegetable Glycerin, or VG is also an option. Although VG is a great substitute for PG, you will still find that most e-liquids on the market are PG based. If this is your first time vaping, make sure to buy a small amount of e-liquid first to test your sensitivity to PG. If you choose a PG based e-liquid, they tend to be sweeter in flavor but create less vapor. On the contrary, Vegetable Glycerin, or VG based e-liquids will give you more vapor and less of a sweet flavor. There are also times you will find that the e-liquid is mixed, where the base is half PG and half VG.
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Make sure you understand that when you are purchasing your e-liquids you understand the strength of the different levels of juice. These levels can range from no nicotine to about 4.8 percent concentration of nicotine. Today, however, it can be difficult to find a nicotine concentration any higher than 2.6% in most areas.
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If you are new to vaping, there are a few factors you will want to consider when you are choosing the nicotine level that is right for you. About 1.2 percent nicotine is typically used for those who smoke a pack a day, so consider how much nicotine you are used to first off. One suggestion would be to purchase both a zero and a high concentration of nicotine and dilute the higher concentration if necessary. Make sure to keep in mind that e-liquids do not have the same taste as a traditional cigarettes. The liquid cannot have the same taste due to the fact that there isn’t any combustion. One way to find your preferred flavor here if you are used to real cigarettes is to try smaller batches in various flavors. If this is your first time vaping, make sure you research the e-liquid you are purchasing before making a decision. Doing adequate research will ensure that you get the highest quality e-liquid out there, and that you have a truly enjoyable vaping experience.