Fenix-Store Announces Inventory Including Lanterns, Bike Lights and Headlamps


(Broken Arrow, OK)–According to recent scientific data, natural disasters are increasing at an alarming rate in the US. In fact, the US ranks number 2 in the world for number of natural disasters behind China. Tornadoes, almost indiginous to America, are cause for many of the disasters, with almost 1,000 every year. Tornadoes commonly strike east of the Rockies, from Texas through Kansas, Nebraska and of course, Oklahoma. With this in mind, creating emergency preparedness kits is more important than ever. According to Daniel Housley, spokesperson for Fenix-Store, having products you can count on in an emergency is imperative.

“At we realize everyone is not a flashlight addict, but we are. We know how important it is to have tools you can count on in times of need. Whether you’re camping, in the car or at home, a quality flashlight is important. We put it right up there with drinking water, toilet paper and extra batteries. We also know flashlights can be bought anywhere, including the dollar store, but is that really the kind of quality you want to depend on during a natural disaster?”

With the launch of an extended line of flashlights, Fenix-Store ( is happy to announce its expanded inventory. “While flashlights will always be our primary emphasis, it only made sense to expand our line to include headlamps, bike lights and lanterns, all of which would be invaluable in day-to-day life as well as emergencies.”

Describing the durability of their Fenix-Store ( products, including the lanterns, Housley explains, “Fenix lanterns are built to withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor use. Their versatile power sources, brilliant neutral white glow, and easy-to-use interface makes them perfect for the most rugged campers on the planet. Additionally, they come in very handy when the whole house has no electricity. They’d make a perfect addition to any emergency kit.”

About Fenix-Store:

Fenix-Store exploded onto the flashlight scene over 10 years ago to become the preferred source of affordable high-end lighting for flashlight lovers everywhere. Their goal: to provide the best lights for the best value, without compromising quality. Their customers’ satisfaction is the top priority! From the start, they focused on introducing some of the top flashlight lines in the world at affordable prices. Now, customers depend on them for the latest in cutting-edge flashlight technology – and equally for the dependable, personal caliber of service that comes with our flashlights.

Source: http://markets.financialcontent.com/mi.miamiherald/news/read/33807733/Fenix

The Key Elements of Great Toys

Toys For Kids That Are Usually Seen on TV In this present day, you would usually see almost every single kids all over the planet would much rather spend all of their time watching their favorite TV shows which are dedicated mostly for kids. Giving your kids free time watching kid shows on TV is not only beneficial for them, since they will be able to learn some valuable lessons and things while also having fun and enjoying watching their favorite shows, but it can also be beneficial for you as well, due to the fact that you as a parent no longer have to fully dedicate your time on them 24 hours a day. Most of the kid shows that are seen on TV usually have characters on them, of which the kids will probably depict as their favorite characters. Which is why most of the kids shows in this day and age, would usually have their very own set of kids toys as well, where most kids will be able to buy and cherish on their younger year, since they no longer just watch their favorite characters but they also will be able to play with them as well. And it is actually true on which the kids just really love playing with their toys and watching cartoon shows every single day, so giving them a kids toy of which they watch daily on the TV will seriously make their day. Kids toys that you can ideally see on TV is really popular, where it can relatively get sales all over the world. And the fact of the matter is that kids toys that are made to look like a certain character in a famous kid show would actually get a much higher sales due to the fact that it is highly popular as a TV show for kids. One pleasant thing about the toys that is meant for kids coming from some cartoon show on TV is actually not dangerous to kids of all ages, due to the fact that most toys in this variation are usually plushy toys.
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In this current present day, buying toys that we can see on the TV and any other toys is seriously quick and easy. And it is mainly due to the internet, of which we will be able to do almost anything that we can think of and that usually includes buying toys online. Therefore, if you would love to buy your kids favorite cartoon character toy, then all you have to do is to go online in some online store and find them, just try to be quick though, since this kind of toys usually do not stay for long and get sold out as soon as they come in.What Almost No One Knows About Sales

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Components To Consider When Choosing Bolt Action Rifles Shock action is a sort of a firearm that is worked physically and it routinely includes opening and closing the barrel with the help of a little handle that is normally put on the right hand of the weapon and every now and again changes as showed by the sort hand that the customer jobs. There are a few elements that an individual ought to put into thought when they need to buy a jolt activity rifle, for example, on the off chance that you need to purchase an utilized firearm or a fresh out of the plastic new weapon this is on the grounds that diverse people have distinctive inclinations subsequently it is vital for a person to comprehend what they need as the cost of the utilized weapon is not the same as that of another firearm thus one is considered as not exactly the other. One ought to likewise put into thought the magazine of the riffle in that magazines are capacity and encouraging unit for the weapon subsequently this implies ammo are typically nourish through the magazine which are accessible in various sorts as there are some which are separable while others are inherent henceforth it is fitting for a person to recognize what is the best kind of magazine as per the plan of the firearm. One should also be able to put the material used to make the gun into consideration this is because there are different types of materials such as stainless steel, bluing and wood hence an individual will be able to choose a material of their choice also keeping in mind there different materials used tend to have different weights such as wood as it is often considered a light as opposed to a gun that is made of stainless steel, hence important to keep in mind the material of the riffle. One should also consider the action strength of the riffle in that which is the ability of the gun to shoot at a high pressure and this often means that the ammunition will travel at a longer distance due to the pressure that is exerted in the gun, hence it is advisable for individuals to be able to know the type of action strength that they need as this will determine the type of riffle the individual will wish to buy. One ought to likewise put into thought the barrel length of the riffle in that there are distinctive riffles which have diverse length of barrels as it tends to influence the general weight of the riffle and furthermore the speed of the projectile as it exists the barrel henceforth it is imperative to consider the length of the barrel.Why No One Talks About Guns Anymore

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Pointers for Selecting a Practical Life Skills Curriculum There are a lot of issues in life which one may learn on their own. Additionally, there are a lot of things which can be instructed because the risk of learning them in the school of hard knocks too great. Life and financial literacy abilities are two such abilities where the danger is too much to send your students or children out on their own without proper advice. There are many abilities which need to be learned to go through life with no difficulties efficiently. In this short article we shall address life skills curriculum and financial literacy skills. Read on in if you would like to have the knowledge of what things to teach children to help them function well in life. What are some crucial things that the life skills curriculum should teach?
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Skills? This May Help
The first pair of abilities that the life skills curriculum that is good should teach are social skills. It’s essential that people understand the best way to communicate with the others. This could include speaking, writing, use of body language or any other way. The bottom line is that folks have to know the way to get alongside each other regardless how it is done.
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Skills? This May Help
Financial literacy skills are also tremendously important. In today’s age it is vital we equip this generation with sensible financial literacy skills until they leave home. Money is a substantial and necessary part of life, so teenagers are better prepared to enter adult existence by studying these skills. They will experience a lot of issues later in life, if individuals don’t know to handle their finances. You must focus on a sensible financial literacy skill set that they’re going to utilize. Teaching financial literacy abilities as a part of life skills curriculum is an essential component which impacts several aspects of their lives. Helping them achieve a degree of financial comfort can help them be more involved with the community, have better relationships and be healthier and happier. The very core of a life skills curriculum should be the instruction of practical money management strategies. One other important skill set within an effective life skills curriculum is relationships. The capacity to form and maintain relationships affect all facets of our life from business to private. Many individuals will understand these by themselves, but as you can see from the record high divorce rate this is something that needs to be taught. In this day and age, we have to share with the younger generation, the characteristics that individuals in effective relationships have in common. People ought to be aware of these for there is just one chance to allow them to learn till they forever hurt the others or themselves. When selecting a life skills curriculum make sure it contains the three steps stated earlier.