Black, Starr & Frost, America’s First Jeweler, Reports on Recent Activities


PHOENIX — With fall now underway, Black, Starr & Frost reported on recent media appearances and other developments for the company. As America’s First Jeweler Since 1810, Black, Starr & Frost regularly provides journalists and others with insights about the industry, as with a recent 3TV Phoenix appearance by CEO and Chairman Alfredo J. Molina covering celebrity jewelry choices for the Emmy awards. Vogue recently highlighted an emerald-cut Black, Starr & Frost engagement ring in a slide show feature, a reflection of the enduring appeal of the company’s Bridal Collection.

Other recent Black, Starr & Frost developments include a new Wikipedia page that details the long, fascinating history of the country’s oldest continuously operating jewelry store. With Black, Starr & Frost contributing to successful charity fundraising events like the American Heart Association Heart Ball, those interested in staying up to date with the company are invited to do so at and on Facebook and other social networks.

“Being a two-hundred-plus-year-old jewelry company means we’re constantly evolving and perfecting the fine jewelry experience, and we have been especially busy in recent months,” said Black, Starr & Frost representative Marguarite Clark, “It’s always a pleasure to share our passion for fine jewelry with others as we have done through a number of recent media appearances and outreach efforts. Our work online has been just as productive with our Facebook page receiving thousands of likes, and our new Wikipedia page delving into our long history about what makes Black, Starr & Frost so special today.”

Originally established in 1810 at 164 Broadway in New York City by silversmith Isaac Marquand, Black, Starr & Frost has operated continuously through changes of name, ownership and location. Over the years, the company has had many significant firsts from its 1833 creation of West Point’s first class ring to the 1860 construction of New York’s first fireproof building.

Today, Black, Starr & Frost is headquartered at 3140 East Camelback Road in Phoenix. Known for centuries for its passionate take on fine jewelry perfection, Black, Starr & Frost provides legendary service to visitors at its luxurious Biltmore neighborhood showroom.

At the same time, Black, Starr & Frost is committed to helping others share in the company’s legacy and vision of true American luxury. With a regular schedule of media appearances like the recent 3TV and Vogue features, Black, Starr & Frost spreads awareness to what the finest jewelry has to offer. Online, Black, Starr & Frost is just as accessible with a thriving community centering on the company’s active Facebook page, other social media presences and its website at With many more exciting things to come for America’s First Jeweler Since 1810, fans of fine jewelry have plenty to look forward.

About Black, Starr & Frost:
Through over 200 years of continuous operation, Black, Starr & Frost has provided the best in fine jewelry and service, building a legacy of excellence that defines American luxury.


3 Medications Tips from Someone With Experience

Ways of Getting Rid of Lice A louse is a wingless insect that survives entirely on the human blood. It is one of the most frustrating pests that is found at home. Although lice do not cause diseases, their infestation causes serious impacts. The pubic area, head, and the area around the waist are places you are likely to find lice. Crowded, dirty, unhygienic, and dark places are some of the areas that favor thriving of lice. Children in school come from different homes. Lice are spread in school environments. Through contact, lice spreads from one person to the next. Other ways of spreading lice are; sharing combs, towels, clothes and beds. There are various methods of treating lice. This article will tackle some of them. Heating is one method of treating lice. This method is completed by use of a hair dryer. Life infestation is not favored by high temperatures. One method of destroying lice eggs is through heating. This is one of the most effective methods of destroying all the lice in the hair. Combing is the next effective method. When your hair is infested with lice, there is itchiness and scratching. This makes a person uncomfortable and disturbed. You can use the lice comb to get rid of lice. A distinguishing feature of the comb are flat teeth that are responsible for destroying lice. This method is economical. Get a lice comb from the supermarket and get rid of those frustrating lice.
News For This Month: Cures
Lice are pests. This implies that they can be destroyed by use of insecticides. This should, however, be accompanied by being keen in buying the most appropriate insecticides from reliable dealers. They will give you advice on the best insecticide for your head. The form of these insecticides are shampoos. Use of shampoo involves wetting the hair, applying the shampoo, scrubbing the hair and rinsing off the shampoo with clean water. This shampoo is known to have ingredients capable of destroying the lice on your head.
Learning The “Secrets” of Options
Lice love crowded areas. How do your children behave in the presence of other kids in the neighborhood and home areas? Spreading lice is possible through contact. A lice free life is enjoyed if close contacts with people infected people are avoided. Engage in hygienic activities. Regularly, wash and apply oil on your hair. The conditions for lice infestation are destroyed by practicing cleanliness. Sharing personal belongings should be avoided. Some of these things are combs, clothes, and towels. Sharing these tools are one way of spreading lice. Personal belongings should be handled individually. Personal belongings are not only cheap but also easy to handle. Find time and buy personal belongings from the shop to avoid spreading lice. Note that lice spread fast. This implies that spreading lice to the rest members of the family is fast. During lice treatment, involve all the members of the family. Failure to treat the lice for the first time should not discourage you, instead, repeat with an alternative treatment.

A Beginners Guide To Products

Why Do People Use Sobriety Coins? It is impossible not to face some challenges in life and people have to constantly look for solution for it. As you have heard, there is an increasing number of addicts these days. The truth is that it is not easy to recover right away no matter what kind of addiction that is. The goal that you need to achieve is being free from the addiction and overcome it right away. The good news is that there are a lot of methods that you can practice these days. Aside from that, there are also medications that you need to take in order to help you with that. You need to be patient enough if you are really serious with recovering because it is not easy at all. There are still other things you need to face that might be hard for you if you really want to fight for this. In fact, without the support of your family and loved ones, it would be hard to recover. If there are no enough support given to the addicts, the person might lost its motivation to recover and get healed. The other good thing with this is that you can be recovered quickly if you receive enough support from the people around you. It is not just a simple support but a great one. It would be of great help for them if you also find them a good rehabilitation center for their needs. Aside from that, you have to make sure that it is a place of comfort for them. Check the rehabilitation center for the different methods that they use to help the person get recovered easily. Do you know that it has been proven effective to give rewards to addicts who have successfully finish each method that is being done in the center? The alcoholic people out there would have to use sobriety coins as their rewards.
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Whenever they feel the urge to drink, all they need is their sobriety tokens. It is actually one of the ways that would help them in the time of cravings. The good thing is that the rehab center will be the one to reward these addicts with the collectible tokens. The more tokens that patient has, the faster the recovery is which would encourage him or her all the more. Even if addiction can mess up one’s life, there is always a cure to that. It can be cured as long as the right dedication and methods are used. The goal is to always ensure that the person won’t crave for the addiction anymore. The truth is that most of the time, these people would have to go through some withdrawal symptoms before being totally healed. The truth is that withdrawal symptoms could cause a person to go crazy if no proper method is being done from the rehab center that you have chosen.

Denture Adhesive Guide Launches Product Review Site


(Sheridan, WY)—Denture Adhesive Guide has announced the launch of their product review site. The website is on a mission to educate denture wearers on the best adhesive, cleaning, and repair products currently on the market. The Denture Adhesive Guide site provides in-depth product reviews, comparisons, and information guides. Readers who would like to access the site can do so at

James Thompson, the owner of Denture Adhesive Guide, commented “There’s no denying that a smile is one of our most important physical features. Unfortunately, denture wearers often report that they find it hard to smile with confidence. It’s vital for them to know that poorly-fitting dentures don’t have to ruin their smile. Our site aims to help them achieve a better fit by using a higher-quality denture adhesive. Because there are so many choices out there on the market, we thought it was a good idea to help readers avoid the painful process of trial and error by showing them which ones have performed the best for consumers.”

At readers will find a plethora of reviews and critical information they need to know about denture creams and powders, teeth cleaning machines, and denture repair kits. Each product review includes a general overview of the product, a rundown of ingredients and manufacturer claims, and a list of common pros and cons that customers have expressed in various online reviews. The in-depth reviews end with the writer’s final conclusion about the product based on the information presented and a star rating on a scale of one to five. For products that earn the approval of the Denture Adhesive Guide team, there will be information listed on where to get it for the best price.

As Thompson went on to say, “We know that finding the right denture adhesive can be tough, but we see it as our mission to help denture wearers achieve a more beautiful and a more comfortable smile. Our writers take pride in the fact that doing so will not only lead to a greater sense of self-confidence, but also improve their overall quality of life at the same time.”

Those in search of the best denture adhesive product for their needs can visit the Denture Adhesive Guide website at

About Denture Adhesive Guide:

The Denture Adhesive Guide was created to help denture wearers achieve a better smile by using high caliber adhesive, cleaning, and repair products. The site provides unbiased in-depth product reviews and recommendations in order to help consumers make an informed buying decision about the product that best fits their needs.